Your life is incredibly valuable and you are needed.  There really is no-one else quite like you.  You have been uniquely designed by God to reveal something of Him to the world.  Yes – you’re not perfect and like the rest of us you’re still a work in progress – but God has chosen you to be a priceless masterpiece that He wants to empower to do good and to make a difference.  

This course has been designed to help you take a closer look at the unique colours and textures of the masterpiece that God has made you to be – to help you see how He has uniquely gifted you, reflected His character in you, and put His Spirit in you to fire you up for His purposes. Over 8 weeks you will grow in your understanding of the purpose God has for you and in the courage you need to step into it.  Together, we will explore your potential and what you should be doing with it for the Kingdom of God. 

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If you’d like to gather a few friends together to run the Masterpiece Course then just let us know.  We would love to help you get started. 

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