Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Many Christians struggle because they feel likthey should be joyful all the time and so they deny and repress other emotions.  They feel they should be serving all the time and so they fail to maintain appropriate boundaries.  They think conflict and anger are sinful – so they don’t resolve issues in their relationships.  And in particular, they struggle because they are too busy to just slow down and enjoy being with God. 

This 8-week course will help you to mature by thinking through these issues in your own life and by developing deeper roots in your relationship with Jesus. 

 Each week we’ll watch a video on one of the following themes and discuss to how to apply it to our lives.  You’ll learn how to : 

  • Face up to the crisis of emotionally unhealthy spirituality 
  • Know and become your real self in Christ 
  • Discover how your family of origin affects you today 
  • Find your way through “walls” and go on to maturity 
  • Enlarge your soul through embracing grief and loss 
  • Embrace silence and Sabbath to slow down for Jesus 
  • Grow into an emotionally healthy adult 
  • Design a lifelong plan to live in God’s love 

Start your own 

If you’d like to gather a few friends together to run the EHS Course then just let us know – we would love to help you get started. 

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Why people love this course

“Really helpful insights into some of the hidden drivers that prompt us to behave in ways that we regret afterwards.”

“After seeing myself respond the same way to a particular set of challenges this was just what I needed to get on the journey of taking responsibility for my own emotional growth.”

“Pete Scazzero read widely and then listened to God and his wife to face the hard truth about himself. He has reaped the fruit of this in a radically redeemed life and relationships. This course is a beautifully crafted synthesis of 2,000 years of Christian wisdom.”

“Coming to an understanding of how to process my own feelings has improved my relationship with Jesus and increased my ability to share compassionately about Him with others.”

“Life changing!  Full of practices that will create space in your life to live from emotional health and benefit both you and the world around you”

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